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The benefits of bespoke shelving

Are you struggling to find the space to display your personal possessions? Perhaps you need somewhere to keep your books or CDs? If store-bought shelves are not fitting your style, space or needs, it could be time to consider getting some bespoke shelving units made for your home or business. 

There are a number of affordable solutions that mean you don't have to compromise on your style or space. So if you're looking for the perfect solution to your storage problems, here’s why bespoke shelving which fits perfectly could be the answer. 

Check out our latest bespoke wardrobe project

Last month we completed an exciting bespoke fitted wardrobe project which transformed our clients bedroom! We’re really proud of this beautiful bespoke design which included a number of handy features and attractive finishes. 

If you’re considering transforming your living space this year, especially your bedroom where we tend to store a great deal of your personal belongings, check out the details of our latest fitted bedroom furniture project below for more inspiration on how you can make the most of your space. 

Opening up the space

Storage Options for Children's Bedrooms

With mountains of toys, clothes, books and school supplies to find homes for it can often be impossible to create suitable storage options for children's bedrooms, especially when you want to keep everything tidy and organised.

However, with some clever design work and innovative items it is possible to create storage in spaces where you may not believe it could be done, and here we share some of those options with you.

We’re now a CHAS accredited carpentry contractor!

We’ve got some exciting news here at Solid Carpentry, to show our dedication to providing the best service and ensuring we meet all the health and safety measures required of us, we’ve become CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) accredited contractors! 

Not only this, but we are also proud to have successfully completed the Sate Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) and now have dedicated in-house SMSTS employees. And the good news doesn't stop there, we are also now a Trustmark registered business. 

The Importance of Property Maintenance Services

Whether you own your own home or business property it is important to keep it well maintained to ensure that it is structurally sound and that it does not lose any value over the years.

A run-down property is not a nice place to spend time and if it hasn't been properly looked after you may also find that parts of the building become unsafe. It can be stressful to try to think of everything that needs to be done to ensure that you keep your property in its best possible condition.

Is it time to change your doors?

Whether you have an old front door that you want to replace, or all your internal wooden doors need refurbishment. Door installation and maintenance is an important part of any household. Think about how often you use every door in your home on a daily basis - you certainly don't want to take its appearance or safety for granted.