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Built-in Cupboards

Do you have an awkward room layout challenging your home improvement dreams? No problem! Even the most difficult or unconventional layout can unlock potential for a beautiful, bespoke built-in cupboard. A made-to-fit storage unit can transform an awkward layout in even the smallest of rooms. While pre-made furniture will fail to fit your space neatly or elegantly, a fitted cupboard is a practical storage solution that is both visually appealing and functional. Whether it’s a corner unit, alcove cupboard, floor to ceiling, or wall-to-wall structure, a bespoke fitted cupboard is one of the most efficient and useful storage solutions that you will ever add to your home or office.

With built-in cupboards, there is no space too small, awkward, or challenging. Instead, the end result will always be a discreet storage solution that improves the overall appearance of your room. Whether you want to store books, bathroom towels, or children’s toys, a built-in cupboard will maximize on the available space, without compromising on style.

The Solid Carpentry service begins with a visit to your home or office to evaluate and measure your space, talk through your ideas and needs, and put forward designs that provide you with the functionality and look you desire. Rest assured, there is a creative storage solution for every misshaped space and our highly skilled, experienced carpenters will help you unlock it.

At Solid Carpentry, quality is incredibly important to us, which is why our carpenters can advise on the best materials for your unit and ensure they are finished in a stain or varnish that truly complements your home or office space.

Our team of skilled carpenters can find a solution for any storage requirement. Why not get in touch today or call 0208 819 3448 to discuss your built-in cupboard requirements and find out how we can help transform your space.