Secret rooms

Spacious living rooms, sleek modern kitchens and beautiful wardrobes - they're all wonderful additions to any home. But nothing wows quite like a secret rooms. Whether you’re concealing an existing room or secret passage, or you’re creating a completely new space with partition walls, there is something so grand and mysterious about a room that’s hidden in plain sight.

And a secret room can be so much more than just a room. Secret bookcase doors can hide home offices, lifts, panic rooms or safes, making these perfect for adding more security features to your home. Alternatively, you can use hidden doors to conceal recreational areas such as cosy private living spaces or even swimming pools.

secret room door

But secret rooms are nothing new, in fact, they’ve been around for centuries, and they're certainly not just reserved for action films or thrillers either. Thanks to modern architecture, ironmongery and electrics, it’s possible to have a hidden room in your home (if space and layout permits, of course) you just need to find the right team for the job.

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Here are Solid Carpentry, our specialist team love to work on fun and functional designs like these, we can’t resist a secret bookcase or a hidden room project. We understand that whether you're disguising an existing room or creating a new space, it needs to be practical and durable. That’s why we use only the finest materials so we can guarantee the finished product will be top-quality. We also make sure to keep safety in mind at all times and offer a wide range of finishes so your secret room can blend seamlessly into the rest of your home.

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We put in the time to get to know every client so we can understand your exact requirements. This is because every project is different and we want to work closely with you at every stage to ensure we design and create something you’ll truly love.

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We are extremely proud of our excellent team and their ability to create beautiful additions to your home. So if you're considering a secret room, get in touch or call 0208 819 3448 for a free consultation.

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