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Bespoke Bookcases

The beauty of bespoke bookcases is the opportunity they provide to completely declutter your space and transform the appearance of any room. Unlike mass-manufactured flat pack options, bespoke wooden bookcases can be designed to an exact specification and will fit precisely into the free space you have available. So whether you have stacks of books to tidy up, or an assortment of books, photo frames, plants or trinkets to organise, a bespoke bookcase offers a neat and stylish storage solution.

Solid Carpentry can design and install wooden bookcases and shelving units that fit into your living or office space and match your individual needs. We can build your custom bookcase to any width, depth, height, colour or other requirement, either integrated into your room or freestanding. Whether you have an entire wall to fill, an empty alcove, or an awkward corner you want to make use of, we can build you a unique shelving unit that will take advantage of the available space and complement the design and décor of the room.

Like you, we love books! That's why designing and fitting a bespoke built-in bookcase is not just a job for us. Instead, it’s an opportunity to draw upon more than 15 years’ carpentry experience to create a storage solution that you will love for years to come. Using only high quality materials and the finest finishes, you can rest assured that your wooden bookcase or made-to-measure shelving unit will provide a long-lasting home for your treasures.

If you want to create an attractive home library, find a home for your books and family photos, or make space for boxes of your business files - whether you are in London or the surrounding areas - contact us today for a free no-obligation quote, or give us a call on 020 8819 3448.