How to Create a Discrete Fitness Room with a Hidden Bookcase Door

The hidden bookcase door is a growing trend in interior design. Homeowners are now seeking creative ways to transcend the ordinary, from concealed rooms to secret passageways.

The hidden bookcase door, a captivating and ingenious design feature, has captured the imagination of many. This article explains how to create a hidden bookcase door. The purpose of this door is to conceal a gym. One of the lively London neighbourhoods inspired the idea for this project.

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6 built-in wardrobes interior ideas to make the most of your space

Are you considering a custom-built wardrobe for your master bedroom, guest rooms or dressing room? Perhaps you're thinking about having more than one! Whatever the case may be, a custom designed built-in wardrobe can give the perfect opportunity to great a beautiful storage space tailored to your exact needs. 

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Six ideas for your alcove shelves

If you live in a house with a chimney breast, you might find yourself faced with two alcove spaces that you don’t know how to utilise. Often, DIY store-bought furniture won’t fit the space - not very well, anyway.

The good news is, there’s a solution!

Custom-built furniture and shelves can transform your living room, office or bedroom alcoves into beautiful and functional spaces. So, there is plenty of potentials whether you opt for floating shelves, cupboards or cabinets. 

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Make more of your space with these alcove ideas

Not sure what to do with empty alcoves and the spaces either side of your chimney breast?

Unfortunately, these awkward spaces often go empty and unused or have ill-fitting store-bought furniture stuffed into them at an angle.

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Transform your loft with eaves storage

Are you considering a loft conversion? Or perhaps you’ve already begun the transformation but you're not sure how to make the most of the space?

If either of these sound familiar, we have some good news. We’re here to take a look at eaves storage solutions and how these can help you to transform your loft into an organised, liveable space. 

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Bespoke alcove cupboards ideas

Traditionally, many homeowners like to furnish their alcoves with various storage units, such as shelving systems, bookcases, cupboards, wardrobes, media centres, etc. 

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