Bespoke alcove cupboards ideas

alcove cupboard unit shelves

Traditionally, many homeowners like to furnish their alcoves with various storage units, such as shelving systems, bookcases, cupboards, wardrobes, media centres, etc.

However, since alcoves feature a restricted space in width and depth and usually vary in size and shape, it may turn out to be rather challenging to find fitted furniture units that allow you to use your alcove space to its maximum potential.

If done right, this space either side of your chimney breast, whether in your living room, home office, kitchen, dining room or bedroom, doesn’t have to go to waste! Particularly if you’re already working with a small space

You can transform it into alcove cupboards

But if you’re not sure where to start with this type of project, we’re here to help. Below, we thought we’d share some alcove cupboards ideas for made to measure storage solutions that you can choose to perfectly suit your style and home.

fitted alcove cupboards ideas

Alcove cupboards ideas

If you are going to furnish your kitchen with some lovely alcove cupboards, then you should really opt for custom-built units to fit your space perfectly. Here you can store your cups, mugs, plates, bowls and various other kitchen utensils in a convenient, safe and easy to access way.

Alternatively, why not transform your bedroom alcoves into bespoke fitted wardrobes for your clothes and belongings.

For home offices, you could transform your alcoves into shelving units that can hold all your files and paperwork or for your living room, build a bookcase to display your impressive collection.

Work with Solid Carpentry 

Are you interested in getting top-notch quality bespoke alcove cupboards in London at a reasonable price?

Solid Carpentry is an established and reputable London-based company that specialises in virtually all carpentry and joinery works, including various bespoke storage solutions – from shelves and cupboards to bookcases and wardrobes.

We are ready to design, create and fit bespoke alcove cupboards of any style and size in full accordance with your space specifications and individual requirements. We can also create alcove cabinets, fitted wardrobes and alcove units, tailored to your individual needs and the style of your home.

Offering a wide selection of wood materials – from pine to oak and redwood – we can meet any requirements in terms of quality, style and cost to the fullest. So you can get the perfect alcove cupboards without spending a fortune.

What’s more, we will come up with unique designs, so our cupboards will certainly enhance your overall interior style. And you’ll have unique furniture and storage solutions that no one else has! Not like store-bought furniture that anyone can get their hands on.

At Solid Carpentry, we are focused on meeting all our client’s specifications and styles while working on their project. So to find out more about what we do or for more alcove cupboards ideas for your home, feel free to contact our carpentry experts today by filling out our easy, brief online form or calling 020 8819 3448.

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