Media Storage Units

Media unit in the flat

In today’s modern world, the home entertainment system is the centrepiece of most living rooms. A carefully designed, custom-built media storage units are the perfect way to present your TV and other technology. This will create a stunning focal point for the room, whilst also offering a practical storage solution. You can use this to conceal messy cables and wires, clunky gadgets and games consoles, stacks of DVDs and much more.

At Solid Carpentry, we can tailor-make your TV and media furniture to suit your exact requirements, whether that be a single unit or a fully integrated, multi-purpose storage system. Furthermore, unlike many ready-made media units, bespoke media furniture can be fitted to complement your room’s size and layout. It can also be finished in materials and colours that match your existing furniture and décor.

To ensure your bespoke media unit accommodates the way you live, we will work closely with you throughout the design and construction process. This way we can determine what aspects of these pieces of furniture are most important to you.

For example, do you have a huge flat screen TV and would therefore like to prioritise the TV stand? Or do you want lots of cupboards and shelves built in to house your impressive DVD collection? We will get to know you so we can produce bespoke furniture solutions that truly meet your needs.

What’s more, there is nothing ‘everyday’ about our work. Our trusted carpenters will take time to understand your exact requirements and what it is you hope to achieve. This will help them to design the high-quality storage solution of your dreams. After all, we know you take great pride in your living space and we are dedicated to creating a practical storage solution that does everything you need, while honouring your individual style.

Are you also fed up of unsightly wires? We get it! That’s why we ensure all of your wiring is concealed and threaded through the media unit, to keep things tidy and accessible. We can also incorporate features such as removable shelves, integrated lighting and magnetic boards. Plus we can add space for CD collections, projectors and more if required.

You may have already spent some time looking at ready-made media units but are unable to find the perfect style and size for your living room (or perhaps even your bedroom). When it comes to bespoke media storage units, the possibilities are endless. It is, after all, made with you, for you.

With more than 15 years’ experience designing and creating bespoke furniture in London and the surrounding areas, we are true masters of our craft. We have the expertise to create stylish media unitsfor your entire home entertainment system. If you’d like to know more about how we can help, contact us today or call 0208 819 3448 to get a free cost estimate.

What our clients say

11 February 2017

Solid Carpentry is very professional, fast and tidy. They came up with functional and effective solutions.

-- Marcella Caricasole

14 November 2014

Solid Carpentry did an extensive renovation project in our 2-bed flat which involved changing the wooden floors and underfloors ruined by water (not a mean feat, our place has quite a weird geometry, it's far from your usual set of rectangle-shaped rooms), tracing and fixing the source of water leak mentioned above, redecorating walls and ceilings throughout, building a custom floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in one of the awkward corners of the master bedroom, and last, but definitely not the least, fitting our kitchen.

-- Yuri Zhuravel

15 May 2014

This is the second time I've used Dmitriy's team at Solid Carpentry for a job (first was to install and fit an entire kitchen set with a teak worktop, second time was to create a custom spec of floor-to-ceiling cupboards and shelves in a second bedroom) and both times I have been nothing but 100% satisfied with the quality of his craftmanship, speed of work, cleanliness of the job, and overall professionalism.

My partner and I love the fact that we're supporting a local Hackney business and completely trust Dmitriy who is a great guy to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and elegantly at a fair and competitive price.

Thanks again!

-- Liana Chang

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