Bespoke Staircases in London

Timber staircase

If you live in a two or more storey building, a staircase is one of the most frequently used areas of your house. Without a doubt, when it comes to design or decoration of any home, staircases allow to create a really stunning impression. But no other standard materials will provide your staircase with such an elegant and stylish look as natural wood. Have you ever seen pictures of a house of Victorian times with beautifully crafted staircases? While being elegantly designed, these constructions have always been associated with luxury and wealth.

Nowadays using contemporary wooden staircases is an advantageous long-term investment that can really make a difference in your home design. If a staircase is one of the central points within your house and you would like to renovate or install a new one, keep in mind that choosing the right contractor will influence final look of your interior.

Do you live in the London area? Then you might be interested in finding a local wooden staircase manufacturer. Solid Carpentry is here to help you with any your related needs. We are ready to produce and install top-notch quality bespoke staircases in London designed for both commercial and residential premises.

wooden bespoke staircases

As one of the leading London carpentry contractors, Solid Carpentry takes special pride in providing ultimate value and quality that our customers require. Any project can be based on your individual idea or our pre-made wooden staircase designs. We can also cut staircases in different shapes: straight flights, half-turn stairs, quarter-turn stairs, etc.

There are no two houses that are the same. But our contemporary wooden staircases are perfectly suited for a number of different interior styles. If you would like to get one of the best bespoke staircases in London, feel free to contact us today for a free no obligation estimate.

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