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Last month we completed an exciting bespoke fitted wardrobe project which transformed our clients bedroom! We’re really proud of this beautiful bespoke design which included a number of handy features and attractive finishes. 

If you’re considering transforming your living space this year, especially your bedroom where we tend to store a great deal of your personal belongings, check out the details of our latest fitted bedroom furniture project below for more inspiration on how you can make the most of your space. 

Opening up the space

A bespoke wardrobe designed to fit and is the perfect way to make the most of the space you have and maximise your storage. But for this particular project we also agreed on using mirrored doors throughout. This is because reflective surfaces like mirrors can really help to open up a space and make the room look bigger than it is. 

Making the most of the space

The space itself originally contained a store bought wardrobe. We replaced this with a custom fitted cupboard which was able to fill right out into the corners and reach from ceiling to floor. This started creating even more space right away, which we then complimented with yet another unit. 

By relocating the light switch we were able to add an extra block of shelves, built where the original wardrobe had stood. We even carried this over to add another cupboard above the door frame. Using the room that’s available to you is the perfect way to make the most of the space and increase storage opportunities. 

Leather handles for the perfect finish

To soften the large amount of glass and wood that had been used to create the wardrobe, we added leather handles to the doors. These complimented the style of the bedroom and gave the perfect clutter free finish to our custom built wardrobe project. 

Reducing wear and tear 

Finally, by choosing to use high quality soft close hinges, we have reduced the amount of stress on them, which in turn will reduce the amount of wear and tear over time. These also keep from forming marks on the frames as they stop the doors from being slammed.

contemporary bespoke wardrobe

Why not consider a bespoke wardrobe?

From our latest bespoke bedroom project it’s clear to see that having a custom design made up can really help you to use every inch of your space. Plus you can select attractive finishes such as mirrored doors or leather handles that really suit your style. 

For more information on bespoke wardrobes, check out our page here.

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