Bespoke Wooden Staircases

Garden timber staircase

Today’s construction industry offers a wide range of brand new materials that can be used in any interior and exterior remodeling project. But many homeowners still opt for traditional wood, for its classic look and appeal, along with the natural warmth and comfort it delivers. While minor woodwork variations in your current home decor setting may go mostly unnoticed, a beautiful wooden staircase can make a dramatic difference in the overall interior appearance.

So, do you consider installing a new hardwood staircase as the final touch of distinction and class to your property? Do you still keep surfing the Internet for a reputable carpentry contractor? You’re at the right place. Solid Carpentry is a well-established carpentry and joinery company with long-lasting proven experience of manufacturing and installing bespoke wooden staircases in London and surrounding areas.

With the tremendous variety of bespoke wooden staircase designs available at Solid Carpentry, you can easily choose the one matching your existing look and feel of doors, walls and furniture in the most favourable way. The perfect blend of refined elegance with enhanced reliability and security is what we constantly strive for during the manufacturing process. Thanks to top-notch quality hardwood materials and extremely durable construction elements, our wooden staircases will serve your family for many years to come.

External bespoke wooden staircases

With all your personal interior requirements and individual preferences in mind, we offer you to choose from any lacquered, painted, stained or bare wood finish for the requested staircase. No doubt, our bespoke wooden staircase ideas will add an extra sophisticated flair to the unique interior design of your house, offering a much more efficient and personalized alternative to standard staircases made either of wood or any other material.

Once any of our bespoke wooden staircase design ideas seem to harmonize with the design layout and colour palette of your home interior, our qualified experts are ready to assist you regarding price, style, colour, finish or material choices. Look no further – contact Solid Carpentry professionals today and we’ll get back as soon as possible.


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