Boiler Cupboards

Water boiler without cupboard

The majority of residential and commercial buildings in the UK are equipped with boilers to heat rooms and water. There are plenty of different boiler models available on the market – from space-saving combination boilers to entire systems for large properties. Boiler cupboards are generally placed in kitchens, cellars, utility rooms and sometimes in bedrooms.

Are you looking for a boiler to place within your London-based property? Whatever a boiler type you choose, first of all you need to take care of its proper installation and a storage solution to locate the one. Soolid Carpentry Team is here to create a bespoke, top-notch quality cupboard for your boiler that won’t cost you a fortune.

boiler cupboards installed
We are one of the leading carpentry and joinery contractors in London that specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing fitted furniture units. Our highly skilled carpenters can create any style, look and feel of your boiler cupboard to suit any interior design to the fullest, while staying within your budget limits.

Usually there are two basic cupboard models – standing and wall-mounted. Irrespective of what type you need, you should be confident that your cupboard uses your space efficiently. For those homeowners with large kitchen space and abundant dinnerware, we suggest a kitchen boiler cupboard of a specific design with additional storage units – shelves or drawers – above and below a boiler. This will provide you with an excellent opportunity to store your kitchen items in a single place while hiding a boiler.

While working with any particular project, we pay special attention to details to ensure that your project is accomplished correctly and in preset deadlines. Feel free to contact us today to get a free quote for your specific job.

Call us today to get a free no obligation estimate for your new boiler cupboard.

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