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Custom made bokcases

Do you have a large number of books at home? Where do you keep them? As a rule, bookcases and shelves are something that virtually anyone who likes reading needs to have. There are several types of bookcases for the variety of purposes – from traditional to modern fitted ones. If you live in a small or mid-size house and need more storage solutions, consider custom designed and fitted bookcases from Solid Carpentry.

Would you like to get your bookcase fitted properly by professionals? You’ve come to the right place! At Solid Carpentry we know that good storage is crucial for comfortable living and are ready to offer you a wide selection of quality book storage ideas designed to suit your related needs perfectly. Our bespoke book storage solutions include but are not limited to bookshelves, traditional and fitted bookcases, etc.

Why should you choose our bespoke furniture for your home? One of the main goals of our bespoke fitted bookcases is to provide a quick and effective way to save space in a house. While allowing you to store plenty of books in a perfect condition, they are also designed to hold any other items that you would like to display. Moreover, we design fitted bookcases and shelves working closely with our clients to consider their lifestyle and personal requirements as well as trying to meet any specific apartment configuration.

bespoke book storage

Whether you prefer vintage or contemporary looking furniture, our bespoke bookcases and shelves come in a wide selection of styles, sizes and colors, so you can easily match them with your existing room design. In addition, being manufactured from the premium quality wood materials, our fitted bookcases are one of the most durable pieces of custom-made furniture you can buy.

Feel free to browse through our online gallery to see some samples of our work and projects we have already completed or contact us today with your book storage requirements.

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