Box Sash Windows in London

British wooden sash windows

Despite of the fact that many London houses are rather old, they keep their unique architectural character and beauty while looking luxurious and stylish at the same time. Do you know that most of such houses of Victorian and Georgian periods have wooden sash windows installed? Their classic design and elegance along with great environmental benefits are the main reasons why so many people are passionate about keeping traditional box sash windows in their houses. While being a popular trend today, sash windows are designed in the way to add a decorative historical touch and show unique style.

As the “eyes” of a house, windows should reveal its unique character. If you own a home that has an elegant and authentic look, then you are fortunate enough to have box sash windows installed. But what if your wooden sash windows need replacement or repair? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you live in London or within its surrounding areas (Loughton, Dartford, Brentwood, etc.), Solid Carpentry is here to help you with box sash window renovation without compromising in style and quality.

Sash windows are composed of several glass panes separated by wooden sashes also known as panels or frames. Such complex a construction makes many homeowners think that sash window repair and restoration is something that negatively effect the traditional look and personality of their houses. But this is not right in many cases. We’ll bring old box sash windows in your London’s house back to their former excellent shape and functionality while trying to keep original design.

Traditional box sash windows

You may rest assured that our experienced contractors will help you resolve any problems associated with sash window renovation, replacement and repair in London providing the highest standards of craftsmanship in the strict deadlines. Solid Carpentry is a FENSA-registered company and you’ll get a FENSA Installation Certificate.

Are you interested in professional box sash window renovation, repair or installation? Feel free to contact us today to discuss your related needs and goals.

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