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White front door installation

When it comes to external or internal doors, these elements definitely play a significant role in any building. While serving their main function of protecting your property from the outer world and separating different sections within your house, doors also fulfill a range of other important functions. Your front door installation will leave the first impression on your guests and visitors, it may speak about your individual taste and style and how much you appreciate privacy and security. Correctly installed front door  may dramatically reduce your cooling and heating bills and restrain outer noise.

No matter, whether you are planning interior or exterior door installation, opting for professional assistance will be the right way to go. Solid Carpentry is an established London-based carpentry and joinery company, also known for the professional window and door installation in the entire London area. We provide a full range of related services including designing, manufacturing and installing internal and external doors for both private premises and commercial buildings.

Front door installation example

While staying in harmony with your home interior and decor, doors should also perfectly fulfill their functions. For example, if you wish to save more valuable space, sliding doors may work a lot better than standard ones. However, you’d better refuse the idea of sliding doors in favour of conventional ones if you have small children, since they tend to pinch their fingers when they close doors hastily. Solid wood doors are an excellent choice if you need to dramatically reduce the level of noise.

Of course, you may consider trying to install a new door or fix the damaged one on your own. However, it would be much wiser to leave the whole front door installation task to professional door installers. In such a way, you will avoid extra expenses due to defects you are prone to do; instead, you will get an ideal result you expect. Besides, with the significant experience in door installation field, we can provide you with useful advices and suggest fresh ideas.

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