Floating Shelving

bespoke made floating shelves

Shelves are one of the most popular storage solutions in both residential and commercial premises. While the majority of shelving units are intended to be rather spacious and keep your things in a safe and easy to reach manner, there are also solutions for decorative purposes only (they still allow to have some items placed on them though). While some shelves are easy to install and remove, others can be rather tricky to maneuver.

Among the extensive shelving choices, there is one type that really stands out from the crowd by offering an ideal combination of functionality, usability, style and elegance. We are referring to floating shelves. Unlike all other traditional shelving types, they don’t have traditional brackets. Their construction includes inner brackets, typically running through the entire depths of each piece. These brackets remain completely invisible from any angle of view. In such a way, floating wall shelving units provide the look of floating in mid-air. While sticking out from the wall with no visible frame and base, they may deliver sleek and stylish look for any your home or office space.

Among numerous advantages of floating shelving systems, it’s worth mentioning their advanced flexibility. You can get your shelves installed virtually anywhere. They come as the most preferable choice for small places with limited space because of their light construction. Even with several floating shelves mounted, your walls won’t look cluttered. Without any visible base, floating shelves may seem fragile. However, in reality they are more steady and durable than many other traditional shelves supported with brackets and screws.

alcoves floating shelves sketch

If you face any difficulties in finding high-quality and beautifully designed floating shelving units on the London market, visit SolidCarpentry.co.uk today. We are a reputable contractor specialising in all aspects of carpentry and joinery jobs, including designing and fitting of floating wood shelving systems. You can get your shelves made from any type of wood you like (oak, timber, pine, redwood, mahogany, walnut, etc.), choose necessary finish and colours.

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