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It’s virtually impossible to find a home without at least a single type of storage solutions. Generally, household storage is available in a wide range of models and sizes – from small shelves and cupboards to large wardrobes and bookcases. All of them have one common property – to store various items in a neat, well-organized and easy to reach manner while saving a valuable room space. Besides, all those shelves, cabinets, wardrobes are essential furniture elements: with thoroughly chosen style and design, they will definitely make an excellent addition to your entire home interior, while creating a cozy and positive atmosphere around.

If you are on the market for quality home storage solutions, you will typically have two options to choose from – ready-made and custom-built units. Of course, there is an extremely extensive selection of ready-made furniture pieces, but it may take pretty much time to find the item matching all your requirements in terms of style, size, shape, materials and pricing. On the other hand, bespoke storage units may provide you with numerous advantages, convenience and flexibility when planning your interior design and using your room space.

Solid Carpentry is a professional and established London-based contractor that specialises in providing bespoke carpentry and joinery services for both residential and commercial premises. Our qualified assistance will save both your valuable time and money, as our services cover everything – from initial measurements to delivery and final installation.

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We can provide a wide selection of bespoke household storage solutions, including wardrobes, bookcases, fitted kitchens, cupboards, bathroom sets and vanity cabinets, traditional and floating shelves, alcove units, boiler cupboards, cabinets, TV stands, display units and many others. Whatever one you choose, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that our skilful carpenters will create an absolutely unique and ideally fitting item for you.

For a better visual perception, we invite you to browse through our online gallery of our previous works to make sure that you’re going to work with actual professionals in the field. Contact us at your earliest convenience for a non-obligation inquiry to discuss all your ideas and requirements.


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