Kitchen Storage Solutions

installed kitchen units

Do you love to cook and spend plenty of your daily time in the kitchen? Then you’ll probably agree that besides a living room and bedroom, it is the most important room in your house. However, while taking one of the central places in any home, a kitchen is hard to clean and organize. Are you wondering how to make your kitchen warm and cozy as well as ensure effective use of the available space? You’ve come to the right place!

If your goal is to organize commonly used items, avoid clutter and make life in your kitchen much easier, standard kitchen furniture can’t help you out. Bespoke furniture pieces from Solid Carpentry are what will help you streamline your floor space and keep kitchen clutter to a minimum. With our bespoke kitchen storage solutions you can organize your kitchen space easily easily and without spending a fortune.

At Solid Carpentry we are committed to provide fitted storage units for kitchens in the London area while using the latest joinery techniques and premium quality materials. Being continuously involved in plenty of projects associated with kitchen fitting, design and installation, our company is ready to make your cooking space fully-functional and attractive. Whether you have a large kitchen with abundant space you need to organize or a small kitchen with limited space, don’t hesitate to invest top-notch quality bespoke storage solutions.

Kitchen storage cabinets

We offer a wide selection of bespoke kitchen cabinets, which are one of the most used items in the contemporary kitchen, units and traditional shelves to keep different things used for the cooking purposes, bespoke kitchen cupboards for storing of dishes/cups and many others. Whatever your specific needs are, our storage solutions will help you maximize your existing space providing easy access to necessary items and giving your kitchen a stylish look.

Besides offering bespoke storage solutions for a kitchen, Solid Carpentry specializes in providing all-in-one kitchen fitting services including planning, installation, flooring, lighting, etc. Contact us today with your individual requirements and give a new life to your kitchen.

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