London Sash Windows Repair

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Wooden sash windows contribute significantly to the unique character and charming beauty of many Georgian and Victorian houses. This window style consisting of two or more pieces of glass that slide vertically to open or close was invented during the middle of the 17th century and has been dominated English buildings for about 400 years. Nowadays box sash windows are getting a second wind being extremely popular mostly for aesthetic reasons and due to their ability to suit a number of different design styles.

Are you a lucky owner of an architecturally beautiful property with wooden sash windows? Then you should carefully inspect your windows every year and be aware of some maintenance rules necessary to keep them functioning well for many years. Because of the lack of good care, you may face with such typical sash window problems as flaking paintwork, sticking, failure of joints, broken glass panes, rotten frames and others. In such a case, you may need to replace or restore sash windows to enhance the look and feel of your house.

While sash windows repair and renovation can be a complex task for non-professionals, it is a relatively easy task for skilled specialists, who know how to remove sash frames accurately and solve the problem with no damage to the original window construction. Do you need to fix up boxes, frames or other important window elements? Solid Carpentry takes special pride by providing all-in-one London sash window repair services to help you keep your home, office or business premises with old box sash windows in the perfect condition.

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Wooden sash window restoration and fitting is our specialisation. Our experienced staff is fully trained in all carpentry and joinery aspects to restore your existing sash windows, replace some broken parts or perform complete window replacement when it is in a condition that is beyond economic repair. If you require help with sash windows repair in London, call us 02088193448 today for more information or fill out our free online form and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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