Made to Measure Doors

Custom made double doors

Doors are an indispensable part in any building. While fulfilling their primary mission of opening and closing an entrance to a house as well as to various inside rooms, doors also have decorative and aesthetic use. They play a very crucial role in making the right statement in both exterior and interior design styles. There are plenty of different door types available in the market today including made to measure doors. However, classic wood still remains one of the most popular door materials for both residential and commercial buildings. Wood comes perfect for doors of different models and styles – from traditional to modern designs.

Are you planning to install new doors in your London property? Do you have any specific requirements in terms of their size, shape, model, material, decorative elements used, opening construction, etc.? Finding the right solution among ready-made products may turn to be a rather time-consuming process and you can never be absolutely confident to succeed in your search. In such a way, it would be pretty much wiser to look for professional carpenters specialising in manufacturing and installation of made to measure doors in London.

wooden made to measure doors

SolidCarpentry is an established, trustworthy London-based carpentry and joinery contractor providing a very extensive range of related services, including bespoke doors as well as rehabilitation or replacing of damaged doors and frames.

While offering superior craftsmanship, we are ready to manufacture and install bespoke internal and front doors in any London-based premises. Our professionals will pay attention to all of your design ideas and any other individual specifications, thoroughly measure your related areas to ensure that doors will fit perfectly their placement.

You can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your project will be accomplished successfully in your predefined deadlines. Contact our experts today by calling us 020 8819 3448 or filling out our simple online quote form to discuss your particular case.

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