Natural Wood Shelving

Bespoke wood shelving

Every living space needs effective storage solutions to keep all the things in a neat and easy to reach way as well as to display some precious items like family photos, souvenirs, collectibles, etc. Wood shelving serve these specific needs perfectly. There are many different materials used for shelves. While metal looks too rude and plastic – too cheap, wood delivers elegant style, refined beauty and especial feel of warmth and cosiness. As an absolutely natural material, wood causes no allergies or respiratory diseases. Obviously, wood is a little bit more expensive than some other materials, but with regard to its numerous advantages this extra cost is really worth paying.

If you are interested in getting natural wood shelves custom made to fit perfectly your room space and match your interior style, then you have come to the right place. Solid Carpentry is an established, FENSA-registered carpentry and joinery contractor providing a complete range of related services, including bespoke wood storage solutions for both residential and commercial needs.

fitted wood shelving

Our skilled carpenters are ready to offer you premium-class craftsmanship when designing, manufacturing and installing natural wood shelves – you will only have to tell us about your overall design ideas, preferences and specify the height, width and number of shelves. Would you like to get some shelves installed in your alcove to use this space efficiently? No problem – we can handle this task as well. Our professionals will create a natural wood shelving system ideally matching your specific dimensions.

At Solid Carpentry we cover a very large range of design and style concepts – from classic and rustic to ultra modern. If it is required, we can even mix various styles to create your dream shelves for you. The wood choice is also rich – we have both soft and solid wood types, including timber, pine, oak, mahogany, redwood, cherry wood, walnut and many others.

With bespoke wood shelving units from Solid Carpentry, there is no longer waste of money or time, since you get exactly what you need, without the necessity to compromise on their quality, material, colour, design or pricing. Contact us online or call 020 88193448 today to share your ideas and discuss your requirements and we’ll do our best to provide you with the solution according to all your specifications.

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