Sash Window Replacement

Wooden Sash Window Replacement

Some people mistakenly think that wooden sash windows can be found in Georgian or Victorian style houses only. However, along with many other window types, these days homeowners highly appreciate traditional sash windows not only as a part of the historical heritage, but also as a perfect solution to reflect unique character and beauty of their property. The romantic and stylish appearance of wooden sash windows allows to add a special charm to any house.

While looking beautiful and being more durable than other window types, sash windows may require professional repair sooner or later. Time, harsh weather like rain and cold, careless application of paint and lack of a proper maintenance can lead to such problems as rotten frames, swelling of the woodwork, a shabby and worn look, etc. Fortunately, wooden sash windows can be easily repaired if necessary.

You may find a lot of online guides on how to restore sash windows, but don’t attempt to do it on your own as lacking certain skills and equipment, you can cause significant harm to your windows. Leave sash window replacement and renovation to experts, who are highly trained and experienced enough to identify your exact problem and do the job right.

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Are you looking for sash window fitters in London? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you would like to restore your property to its original beauty or transform the image of your house by installing or renovating wooden sash windows, Solid Carpentry is here to meet any your related needs. We are a company of professional London carpenters and joiners specializing in wooden sash window replacement, installation and repair.

Wooden sash windows are considered to be one of the most popular window types for a number of reasons: great functionality, elegant appearance, energy-saving options and others. If your home environment is greatly affected by the working order of your sash windows, contact us today and we’ll provide you with the best repair service for your ultimate satisfaction.

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