Storage cupboards: The stylish way to declutter

plain white bespoke cupboard

Clutter, we all have it. Whether it’s the ironing board we only use once a month, or the many shoe boxes of old photographs and nick-knacks we’ve collected over the years. But just because these things aren’t needed for daily use, it doesn’t mean we want to get rid of them or put them in storage that’s difficult for us to access quickly (a loft eaves for example). 

But if you’re fed up of your possessions cluttering up your home and looking untidy, custom built cupboards, fitted bedrooms and walk in wardrobes could be the solution to your problems. Below we will outline in more detail why storage cupboards can be the perfect and stylish way to declutter your home, and why you it might be time you considered choosing custom built cupboards for your storage needs.

Storage cupboards sketches

Make the most of every space 

There is no space too small or awkward that you can’t transform it into a fitted furniture or storage cupboard in some way. You can make the most of small alcoves, the space under your stairs, choose a fitted wardrobe for our bedroom or transform your airing cupboard into a storage haven. 

Wherever you have the space for extra storage cupboards, you can choose custom designs that suit your style. This allows you to increase the amount of storage you have and declutter your home, without loosing any space in your rooms. 

Choose an attractive finish that suits your style 

These are not only an effective way to declutter, but they also add an attractive look to your home. These are the most stylish way to declutter since Marie Kondo released her last book. You can choose the perfect finish that adds to the style to your home and better still, you can mix it up and change your designs for every room, or pick a theme to run throughout. 

open custom made cupboard

There’s something for every room of the house 

From bespoke fitted wardrobes to store your old festival T-shirts in, to office cupboards bespoke furniture that hide all your paperwork, there’s a storage solution for every room. This means you can declutter your entire house and hide away those unsightly possessions until you need them again. 

If you want to know more about the different bespoke wardrobes styles and fitted cupboards in London on offer, get in touch with the team here at Solid Carpentry today.

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