Traditional Sash Windows

traditional wooden sash windows

With such a huge variety of modern window styles, sliding sash windows still remain one of the most popular choices for various buildings, including both residential and commercial ones. They first appeared in Europe at the end of the 17th century and were initially intended for Georgian and Victorian houses. That’s why, they are also rather often called Victorian sash windows. However, today you can find them not only in classic houses, but also in buildings of the most modern architectural styles.

Traditional sash windows are made of wood, mostly hard sorts, such as timber and oak. Their construction features one or several movable panels, so-called ‘sashes’. Window frame holds panes of glass, which are usually separated one from another by rather narrow muntins. Such windows are opened typically by sliding either vertically or horizontally. There is obviously a system of cord chains, pulleys and counterweights around the window box to ensure its ideal balance and perfect, convenient operational mode.

Sliding sash windows come typically double-glazed, which makes them an ideal choice for those homeowners who want to restrain noise from outside. The construction of such windows also allows to improve heat retention and ensures an excellent air circulation that will let you enjoy significant savings on your heating and cooling bills. Another distinctive feature of traditional sash windows is their ability to close with a narrow chink left so that to allow rooms to be aired even in rainy weather.

traditional british sash windows

If you are looking for professional carpenters in London to manufacture and install Victorian sash windows for your house, you have come to the right place! SolidCarpentry is an established, FENSA registered London-based carpentry and joinery contractor that specialises in all aspects of traditional sash windows, including their manufacturing, installation and refurbishment – all made in full accordance with your desired size, configuration and any other specific requirements.

You can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your new traditional sash windows will be manufactured with ultimate attention to details to fit your home exterior ideally. While offering you premium quality windows along with responsive services, we keep our prices at the most competitive level. If you wish to learn more about services offered, call usĀ 020 8819 3448 or contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll get back to you shortly to discuss your requirements.

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