Wooden Box Sash Windows

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First appeared in Europe at the end of the 17th century, box sash windows also called sliding sash windows, quickly have become one of the most popular window types for both classic and modern houses. Traditionally, sash windows are made exclusively for houses of Georgian and Victorian architectural styles – these window types allowed them to achieve a unique symmetrical balance. The majority of older buildings in the United Kingdom were built with sash windows and many contemporary constructions are still using them.

Basically, a box sash window refers to the type of a window made of wood and coming with sliding panels that open and close vertically. Their typical design is a single-glazed pattern with several panes above and below, usually six-over-six. Such a window is fitted in a boxed aperture, and its specific operation is achieved due to the unique balancing system consisting of pulleys, counterweights and chain cords that are placed in hollow spaces around the window box. In fact, box sash windows come ideal for the British climate as they allow to be closed with a very narrow gap left that still provides good ventilation without rain getting inside.

Are you attracted by the classic appeal of wooden box sash windows and now wish to have them installed in your London home? Are you looking for the leading Londoox sash box windows manufacturer and installer? You’ve come to the right place! Solid Carpentry is a reputable, professional and reliable carpentry and joinery company that is also ranked as a leader in wooden sash window manufacturing, installation and repair.

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At Solid Carpentry you can order box sash windows made from a wide selection of different wood types – both soft and hard – including timber, pine, mahogany, oak, redwood, cherry wood and some others. An individual approach to each and every project is one of the greatest advantages of using Solid Carpentry services – our qualified and experienced carpenters will craft your box sash windows individually, in accordance with your specific needs and requirements.

While using various innovative technologies our carpenters managed to make wooden box sash windows more energy-efficient, durable, secure and convenient, preserving their original design at the same time.

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