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Doors are definitely one of the most essential parts of any building. Both front and interior doors have functional and aesthetic use: while serving as a moveable blockade for premises and as a noise barrier, they may also help you make a splendid impression on your visitors and provide warmth, style and charm to your home decor. Various manufacturers are ready to offer you doors made of different materials and even from their combination. However, wood remains one of the most popular material for both exterior and interior doors among homeowners and commercial consumers. This is a classic material, and no other material can compete with wood with regard to natural beauty and grandeur.

Are you planning to replace your old doors with new ones? Or do you build a new house and would like to choose doors that will place trendy accents to your home decor and serve you for many years to come? Solid Carpentry is here to offer what you need! As one of the leading London carpentry and joinery contractors with a comprehensive range of related services, we produce and install wooden bespoke doors in London and surrounding areas for customers from both residential and commercial sectors.

wooden doors installation

Made of noble types of wood and using unique design concepts, our wooden doors look elegant while making you feel comfortable. Whether you choose modern or traditional style, dark wood or light wood, smooth or carved, our top-notch quality bespoke doors will surely add a unique touch of luxury and elegance to your apartments.

Our doors perform well in any climate conditions, whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry. Even when closed densely, unlike many other materials, they still allow a perfect ventilation and help to keep heat and cool at optimum levels. Your wooden doors will also serve as an excellent sound barrier – by absorbing noises coming from outside and other rooms inside, they will help you create a peaceful and comfortable environment.

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