Wooden French Doors

Garden french doors

French doors have grown into extremely popular choices that may suit ideally various types of residential and commercial properties. The main advantage of these doors lies in their unique construction implying a frame with one or several transparent glass panels, allowing a wide, unobstructed view. Traditionally, a French doors features two leaves that can swing both in and out. While having no central mullion for much wider views and opening, such doors typically have a moulded panel at the bottom. External French doors come obviously with a specific weather strip at the floor level to prevent water getting inside.

Due to very wide views provided, French doors come as a more preferable choice for exterior use, especially when it comes to the entrance of such areas as gardens, patios and terraces. Their very slender construction consisting mostly of glass panels allows abundant light to pass into a room making your interior space very bright. Such construction also provides minimal visual impact of the doorway, making your room visually wider. Would you like to get external or internal wooden French doors fitted in your London-based house or apartment? Welcome to www.solidcarpentry.co.uk.

Garden wooden French doors

We are an established, FENSA-registered carpentry and joinery company that covers both residential and commercial fields in London and all surrounding areas by providing a comprehensive range of related services. Our skillful carpenters specialise in manufacturing and installation of wooden French doors ensuring the top-notch quality of both materials used and workmanship along with full work completion in your predefined deadlines.

At Solid Carpentry we are ready to offer you an extensive selection of bespoke wooden French doors for both exterior and interior installation. You are free to choose from numerous designs of both classic and contemporary styles, colours and gradations, finishing options, accessories, etc. to ensure you get the doors matching perfectly your unique design, individual style and any other specifications.

Whether you need solid oak, refined redwood or elegant timber French doors at reasonable prices, look no further than Solid Carpentry. Contact us at your earliest convenience by filling out our easy online quote form or call us 020 8819 3448 today to discuss your ideas and requirements.


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