Carpentry Services in London

by Solid Carpentry Team Friday, 26 November 2010 - 13:02 0 comments
Skilled carpenters in London

Modern advancements in the building industry produced a great variety of materials and technologies, however carpentry still remains one of the most asked for service, especially among those who prefer the traditional style and comfort coming with woodworks and wooden furniture. Getting any carpentry projects or works done in your household or business building requires professional carpentry services, because unless you have the right skills, it is much wiser to leave this job for professionals.

With the multitude of carpentry contractors offering their services in any given city or town, choosing an ideal company for your needs can be a rather challenging task. If you are looking for professional and experienced carpentry contractors in London, you've come to the right place! Solid Carpentry provides all-in-one carpentry services in London and London area, including new build projects and renovation works. We have an extensive experience in the carpentry and joinery field to meet any specific needs of our clients.

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Professional carpentry involves not only creation of small wooden products like chairs and tables, but also bigger projects like large wood-made furniture as well as repairing or fixing wooden furniture and house parts. A comprehensive range of carpentry services we provide includes custom wardrobes, bookcases and shelves, vanity cabinets, floating and traditional shelves, doors and windows (both manufacturing new ones and rehabilitation of old or damaged ones), kitchen fitting along with smaller projects like bespoke storage solutions (boiler cabinets, built-in cupboards, display units, etc.).

The cost of the job typically depends on the type of your task, materials used and how complex or extensive it is. While using only premium quality materials and innovative technologies, we also pay special attention to details in every our piece of work, which is the key to the highest quality of our end product.

Just let us know how you want your job to be done by contacting our specialists and we will create a sketch for you. When it comes to the best carpentry and joinery services in London, think of Solid Carpentry!