Make more of your space with these alcove ideas

built in alcove bookcase

Not sure what to do with empty alcoves and the spaces either side of your chimney breast?

Unfortunately, these awkward spaces often go empty and unused or have ill-fitting store-bought furniture stuffed into them at an angle.

But there’s good news for those hoping to do more with their alcoves. Whether you’re transforming the space in your home or office, you can turn these into fun, functional spaces and even a focal point of the room with bespoke, fitted storage solutions.

Read on for some of our top alcove ideas and ways that you can make more of these recesses in your home.

Display your belongings on alcove shelving

Alcove shelves can be a great place to display your photographs and belongings and they can also be a functional way to store items like DVDs, books, toys or collections.

These can also be really useful in a home office as a way of storing work files, stationery or any other work-related items.

If you choose a style and finish that complements your existing decor, these will blend seamlessly in with your interiors. And the fact that they’re tucked away in the alcoves means this space is no longer going to waste.

Keep things neat with alcove cabinets

Alcove cabinets are a simple but effective way to create more storage space in an otherwise awkward space. These can be made to fit any size alcove or recess so every inch of space is being used.

media unit alcove ideas

What’s more, these can be a neat way to store and hide your belongings or you could add glass doors to the front to display collections or ornaments instead. These can also be a good place to put your TV, speaker and games consoles, turning the alcove into a sort of media centre.

Another great thing about opting for alcove cabinets is that you can place these down the bottom of your alcove and add shelves above for even more storage.

Transform your alcove into a wardrobe

Take your alcove storage to the next level by turning it into a wardrobe. If you’ve got alcoves and wasted space in your bedroom or guest room, you should consider bespoke built-in cupboards to make more of this space.

wardrobe alcove idea

Where store-bought wardrobes might not have fit perfectly, these can. Plus, you can have these designed to go from floor to ceiling if you want for maximum storage. Not to mention you can choose a range of hanging rails, shelves and drawers for the inside.

And if you make the most of your alcove wardrobe space, this frees up the rest of the room for enjoying.

Add a touch of elegance with an alcove bookcase

Ideal for living room alcoves, home offices, studies or even your bedroom, an alcove bookcase is an elegant way to store your collection. This can also be used in an office for work-related literature or files.

Built to fit the alcove perfectly, you can add as many shelves as you want to your bookcase. And not only are these functional, but you can use a material and finish that is going to complement your style and add to the interior design of your home.

At Solid Carpentry, we believe in getting the most from your space. So if you’d like to know more about how we can help to transform your alcoves or for more alcove ideas, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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