Make your TV the centre of attention with surrounding alcove shelving

bespoke alcove shelving

Does your living room or bedroom have alcoves? Do you often find yourself wondering how you could make more of the space and effectively accommodate your TV and belongings? Well, that stops now! Because we have the answer. Alcove shelving could be the right solution!

You might just about have managed to find a TV bracket to fit in the recess, or perhaps you’ve decided to mount it on the wall between two alcoves (perhaps above a fireplace). Whatever you’ve got going on right now, why not make your TV the centre of attention whilst making more of your space, with surrounding alcove shelving.

floating alcove shelving

Our recent alcove shelving project 

Take a look at our recent alcove shelving project. The clients asked for a combination of alcove shelving and cabinets, perfectly designed so that their TV could be positioned on the left and tucked neatly away. 

The shelving and cabinets all sit flush to the fireplace so that they’re not protruding out into the room and taking up unnecessary floor space. What’s more, the unit was custom designed to increase the amount of shelving on the right-hand side in order to maximise their storage.

Finally, the clients chose a white finish so that all cabinets and shelves blended seamlessly in with the surrounding walls and overall interior design of their living room. 

custom made alcove shelving

Surround your TV with alcove shelving

A TV is a key focal point in any room, yet thanks to alcoves or awkward spaces this is usually free-standing taking up space, or the large area above and around the TV stand typically ends up unused. 

By installing alcove floating shelves around your TV you can make it the centre of attention. Plus, these make the perfect place to arrange your family photos, books, DVDs, games or ornaments in a beautiful and easy to reach way. 

By creating an entire wall dedicated to storing your belongings and framing your TV, you free up the rest of your space for relaxing and creating a cosy ambience. Find out more about how our alcove shelving solutions can work in your home. Get in touch today.

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