Traditional alcove cupboards – make the most of your space

painted alcove cupboards

If you’ve got alcoves in your home, you may have tried to find furniture to tuck nicely away in the recesses and provide you with some extra storage. However, alcoves range in size and depth and therefore it can be really tricky to find the perfect shelves, cupboards, cabinets or whatever you’re looking for to fill the gap.

But those days are over thanks to traditional alcove cupboards from Solid Carpentry. If you’re planning on renovating or redecorating this year, our made to measure solutions could be the perfect choice for your home or office. No matter what room in the house or what size the alcove, we can design the ideal cupboard to help you make the most of your space.

custom made traditional alcove cupboards

Designing and creating alcove cupboards for you

It can be challenging and stressful trying to find furniture that fits, and even if you do, it might not be the colour or finish that you wanted. But with Solid Carpentry, our expert team can come to your home or office to assess the space and put together a bespoke design that meets all your criteria and is totally unique to you.

You can talk us through what you want your alcove cupboards to look like and any shelving requirements you might have for the inside. By explaining to us how you plan to use the alcove cupboards and what goes on in your chosen room, we can work to create something that will maximise your storage and create the most functional space possible.

Once you’re happy with the design, we can begin creating and fitting your cupboards in accordance to your specifications. You can choose from a range of materials and finishes, including pine, oak and redwood. This way you can ensure that whether your cupboards are in the kitchen, living room or office, they match your individual style and the current decor of your home.

So come on, make the most of your space this year. Get in touch with our dedicated team to find out more about traditional alcove cupboards or to arrange a site visit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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