Bespoke TV Stands

living room tv cabinet

If you’re planning to buy a new TV you also need to think about a proper piece of furniture to locate it on. When choosing a TV stand, many homeowners opt for items that will not only perfectly support their TV systems, but also bring a desirable accent to their living space in terms of style and decor. Can’t find a standard TV stand matching your home interior ideally? Why not to consider ordering a custom-built TV stand?

Solid Carpentry offers highly professional services for manufacturing and installing bespoke TV stands in London and surrounding areas. We specialise in designing and construction of exclusive wooden TV stands featuring refined elegance and beauty to match up with overall look of your living space.

As any other our wood furniture pieces, we design our TV stands to be as versatile as possible, so that you can use them for a plenty of purposes. We’d like to turn your attention to our storage TV stands coming with drawers or shelves or both of them. These stands can be an ideal choice for people in need for a convenient solution to store their large collection of DVDs or keep some other things tidy.

Bespoke tv stand cabinet

You can get your bespoke TV stand made of natural and high quality woods such as pine, oak, walnut, timber, redwood, cherry wood and many others. Our creative designers can offer you a large selection of designs, styles, finishes along with a wide choice of different decor options, like mouldings, glass elements, etc.

Our wooden TV stands are highly durable and will serve perfectly for many years. What’s also important, they require minimal maintenance – you will only have to clean them with a soft piece of cloth from time to time.

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