Bespoke Wooden Doors

External hardwood doors

Homeowners have always shown keen interest in wooden doors due to their classic appeal, timeless elegance, enhanced durability and unmatched feel of natural warmth. When installed within your home, they instantly create a rich, refined environment, add a touch of craftsmanship and unique sophisticated sense of style. Either dark- or light-coloured, smooth or textured, wooden doors are undoubtedly one of the most accentuated elements in both residential and commercial premises.

Before installing new wooden doors, you’re advised to opt for bespoke designed items to ensure that they will perfectly compliment dimensions and style of your home. If you are a London resident looking for top-notch quality wooden doors and a professional installation service, we welcome you at Solid Carpentry. We’re one of the leading contractors in manufacturing and installation of bespoke wooden doors in London and surrounding areas.

Our bespoke wooden doors are available in a remarkably wide range of styles, colours designs, finishes and materials, which may suit virtually any interior, from traditional to ultra modern. Besides, the extensive selection of wooden doors from Solid Carpentry is hugely extended with various additional adorning and decoration elements such as panels, insertion pieces, carving, fretwork and many others. Each and every manufactured item is intended to display its own distinctive character and therefore dramatically enhance your interior and exterior appearance.

Internal wooden door

In every our carpentry or joinery project, we work exclusively with the finest wood materials of top-notch quality, and focus all of our efforts and attention on every step of the process to ensure optimal, hassle-free functionality and maximum durability. Our carpenters rely on their extensive knowledge and vast experience in design, production and installation of internal and external wooden doors including front and garage doors

In the past, homeowners had to spend days (either in local shops or online) while choosing the bestmatching door in terms of size, colour, material, price, etc., along with hiring a professional and reliable door installation contractor. But as a Solid Carpentry client, you can easily obtain qualified help and advice in a matter of minutes. Give us a call 02088193448 today, or submit our simple online quote form, and our experts will get back to your shortly.


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