Built-In Alcove Units

Built-In Alcove Shelve Units

There are plenty of both business and residential premises featuring rooms with an alcove – a specific, restricted recess space that may have any shape and dimensions. Nevertheless, many people find it rather difficult to choose perfectly fitted storage units for their alcoves and, therefore, still have this room space remained absolutely useless. If you also have alcoves in your London-based premises, but still don’t know how to furnish them with maximum efficiency, we are able to assist.

An established London-based carpentry and joinery company Solid Carpentry is here to offer you a really useful solution – built-in alcove units that are typically made in accordance with your dimensions and, therefore, allow to get the most out of your available space, while adding a specific, refined accent to your overall room design and style.

Our highly skillful carpenters specialise in manufacturing and fitting a wide range of bespoke storage solutions, including made-to-measure alcove cupboards, cabinets, shelves, shelving systems and even bookcases and wardrobes. Rest assured, at Solid Carpentry we work with both private and commercial sectors and are ready to provide our custom-made alcove units in London and all surrounding areas, ensuring ultimate attention to every single project and keeping our prices at the most competitive level.

There are virtually no limits when it comes to any our bespoke alcove storage solutions. Solid Carpentry professionals will design, manufacture and fit your alcove units of any style, construction and size to match all your specifications and individual requirements. There is also an extensive selection of wood material types to choose from: timber, pine, oak, redwood, walnut, cherry wood, mahogany and many others.

bespoke alcove units

It’s also worth to point out here that we are one of a few London-based carpentry and joinery contractors having a FENSA certification and ensuring premium-class woodworking quality. Contact Solid Carpentry experts today or call them at 0208 8193448 to discuss your ideas, requirements and get a no-obligation service quote.

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