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Are you going to hire professionals to perform complex building projects (renovation or a new build)? Dealing with professional contractors is half the battle as overall coverage and numerous tasks associated with carpentry and building have to be done in accordance with all standards and safety requirements yet allowing you to enjoy an exellent final result. Do you wonder where to find a reputable carpentry and building company in London that will complete all the work on time and within your budget? Welcome to Solid Carpentry!

While being widely known for our skills and workmanship we offer a wide selection of high-quality carpentry and building services for residential and commercial needs in the London area. At Solid Carpentry we are ready to take all project types: from small fitting jobs to the renovation of a whole house. Tailored for homes, offices or retail premises, our professional carpentry services cover all aspects including decorating, flooring, roofing, doors, windows, etc.

Our London carpentry and building services are very cost-effective and guarantee personal attention to every task and project. Having more than fifteen years of experience in this field, we operate reliable and friendly staff to perform a large selection of carpentry and building projects in the London area with unmatched quality.

Carpentry services london

Whether it is a new build, renovation or simply adding something new in your home or office decor, we are here to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. Our highly experienced staff can perform basic services as well as complicated tasks and take responsibility for the building or renovation of any given project (a house, building or any other structure, in which wood is the main material). We’ll manage our projects from start to finish, plan all stages and keep you well informed of the progress through each phase regardless of how big or small the work is.

If you have any questions regarding our London carpentry and building services, feel free to contact us today for more information and enquiries.

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