Storage Options for Children’s Bedrooms

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With mountains of toys, clothes, books and school supplies to find homes for it can often be impossible to create suitable storage options for children’s bedrooms, especially when you want to keep everything tidy and organised.

However, with some clever design work and innovative items it is possible to create storage in spaces where you may not believe it could be done, and here we share some of those options with you.

Built in bookcases

Encouraging children to read is extremely important, but making space to fit all of their books can be a problem, especially when they start school and are required to read for homework as well as pleasure.

Built in bookcases are a great solution for this as they can fit into any spare nook in a child’s bedroom, regardless of its size or shape, providing a place to store books neatly where there was just wasted space before.

Shelving options

Shelves are a very useful addition to any child’s bedroom as they can be used for toys, books, or folded clothes, plus as they can be fixed to any part of the wall they are less likely to get in the way of any other furniture that has a place in the kids room.

Secret storage

Some furniture items double up as storage options so you can get two features in just one purchase.

For example, opt for a bed that has drawers underneath or space to store things inside, or a bunk bed with a desk set up underneath so it takes up less floor space which could be used for other storage options.

Children's Bedroom

With these great ideas for storage options for children’s bedrooms available to you we hope that you won’t struggle to find space to put all of their items in the future, and we would be happy to help if you are hoping to have built in bookcases or shelving installed.

Contact us today to get more kids bedroom storage ideas.

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