Children's Fitted Furniture Unit Makes The Most Of London Bedroom

by Solid Carpentry Team Thursday, 15 March 2018 - 21:46 0 comments
wardrobe with bookcase

Have look at our recently completed kids bedroom project. Beautifully constructed made-to-measure storage unit. Combination of skilful design and imaginative thinking can lead to children’s bedroom furniture that offers valuable storage space and the potential for plenty of fun touches.

A set of fitted wardrobes, storage cupboards, bookshelves, and an integrated bench, this multi-functional, ceiling-to-floor unit saves on space yet offers room to accommodate the needs of a growing child. The unit is durable, adaptable and truly timeless – nothing needs to change over the years except what’s stored inside and the child’s choice of décor.

children's fitted furniture with wardrobe

As they grow, children spend more and more time in their bedrooms. We always work closely with the client to ensure we design and install a fitted furniture unit that considers both storage needs and lifestyle. The ads is to make sure that children can still enjoy their space even as they grow older and their interests change.

wardrobe with bookcase sketch

When it comes to designing and constructing children’s fitted furniture, our focus is always on quality and safety. With this specific unit, our highly skilled carpenters incorporated soft closing hinges, which are easier to use and safer for smaller hands. Integrated electrical points to accommodate technology such as game consoles, wireless speakers, or charging units.

The bookcase has adjustable shelving to allow for the storage of different sized books or for various other items the child may wish to display such as toys, photo frames, or trophies. The tall wardrobes offer plenty of space to hang clothes and store shoes and the low-level cupboards offer storage space for a variety of treasured belongings. The bench provides cosy cubbyhole seating storage solution that the child of this room will love for many years to come.

With made-to-measure children’s bedroom bespoke furniture you can design incredibly functional, yet elegant furniture that meets your child’s specific needs. Our personalised and individual service such as ours, you also benefit from superior quality materials that can be finished in colours and a style of your choice.

Could your children's bedroom benefit from a bespoke fitted furniture unit as featured above? If so, contact us today to discuss your bespoke designed ideas and receive your free, no-obligation quote.

Client's testimonial:

Exceptionally good from start to finish. Solid Carpentry built a custom unit containing cupboards, shelves and a bench seat for my daughter’s new bedroom.

Everything was done efficiently and and the unit turned out exactly as planned. I will definitely be using Dmitriy and Solid Carpentry in the near future....great customer experience and service. "