How Custom-Built Fitted Wardrobe Can Affect Your Home Space?

Built in wardrobe with lights

This custom-built fitted wardrobe, designed and constructed by our highly skilled Solid Carpentry craftsmen, showcases all the benefits of opting for bespoke fitted furniture to truly transform your space and home.

Custom-built Fitted Wardrobe Benefits

Many homes have awkward internal layouts with uneven floors and walls that further complicate the space, and bespoke wardrobes can help offset some of these quirks. In other homes, a custom-built fitted wardrobe simply offers a more effective use of space and additional storage.

Also, it’s worth remembering that with standard off-shelf wardrobes, gaps are often left around the wardrobe and the space just isn’t used as effectively as it could be. In addition, dust can accumulate in those gaps, which can be an unwanted trigger for people suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma.

built in wardrobe installed in chelsea

Installation of built in wardrobe

Sketch for custom-built fitted wardrobe

before wardrobe installation

Custom-built fitted wardrobes can be the solution to such interior design woes. It can help transform unused space into a practical, useful bespoke storage solution and create a beautiful feature in your house, adding value and style to your home.

We designed this custom-built wardrobe to take maximum advantage of the length of the wall and to offer plentiful storage space and a range of solutions: shelving, cupboards and hanging space. It also features an integrated concealed safe, perfect for keeping your valuables.

With handless push-to-open soft closing doors, this fitted wardrobe design is neat, sleek and stylish. It also features built-in LED lights and integrated sensors so that the lights automatically illuminate when a door is opened. It is functionality married with elegance.

Do you have an idea for a fitted wardrobe or bedroom unit? Our London-based carpenters would be happy to help you. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote. 

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