Custom Built Wardrobes

bespoke sliding doors wardrobe

Nowadays furniture plays an important role in overall home decor. A suitably matched piece of furniture allows you to add a unique touch of elegance, personality and beauty to virtually any room. It’s rather easy to create your home interior design and enhance living space with bespoke furniture. In such a way, if you are going to make your house more comfortable and spacious, all you need is a good storage solution like custom-built wardrobes that deliver an attractive look along with advanced functionality.

Are you in the market for new furniture? The best way to get the exact piece of furniture with the necessary storage space is to order bespoke storage units from Solid Carpentry. With more than fifteen years of experience in the carpentry and joinery field, we can offer one of the best custom-built wardrobes in London you’ve been looking for a while.

Custom built wardrobes hallway

We believe that fitted furniture meets any house interior to the fullest. That’s why we specialize in producing built-in wardrobes designed to make the most out of available space in your home. Since a fitted wardrobe can be from floor to ceiling, you are able to double your storage area hanging and storing your clothes, accessories along with the variety of other things. No other storage solution may provide such a high level of functionality, comfort and convenience as our bespoke fitted wardrobe units.

We understand that your living space is the place where you can feel comfortable and cosy. That’s why the design of your fitted wardrobe will depend solely on your specifications and requirements. Feel free to contact us today and discuss your specific expectations.

Please call us today to get a free no obligations estimate for your new bespoke built-in wardrobe. If you have relevant sketches, images and specifications please let us know and we would be happy implement custom built wardrobes project.

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