Custom Made Wardrobes

opened wardrobe

One of the most sought-after home furniture pieces nowadays are custom fitted wardrobes for bedrooms, since they allow to use the room space in the most efficient manner while providing a rather spacious storage solution for clothes, shoes, hats, ties, belts, etc. They are designed and built specifically to the size, shape and interior style of a room, so that you won’t have to compromise on any aspect to get something that more or less fits your specifications. Moreover, custom made wardrobes may provide your bedroom with a personal touch, making it more cozy and comfortable.

If you like a traditional classical style, then a walnut or oak wardrobe with double-swing door may come perfectly for your bedroom interior. For a modern style you’re advised to opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors and some exquisite decor and accessories like abstract ornaments, sleek handles, etc. Generally, custom-built wardrobes come as the most deliberate choice for irregularly shaped rooms – no inch of available space from the floor up to ceiling won’t be left unused, even in alcoves, corners or under slanted ceilings.

Do you reside in London and now opt for custom built wardrobes of top-notch quality, yet at a reasonable price? You’ve come to the right place! Solid Carpentry is an established London-based carpentry and joinery contractor having an extensive experience and offering a complete set of related services, including custom made wardrobes manufacturing that will add a specific touch to your living area.

modern custom fitted  wardrobes

From now on, you can forget about the inflexibility of comparing and measuring ready-made items trying to figure out which one would suit your accommodation better. When ordering custom made wardrobes at Solid Carpentry, you will be provided with an extensive range of options to meet both your particular storage needs and individual style. You’re free to choose the wood material, size, shape, design, finishing, number and arrangement of shelves, drawers, tie racks, hooks, etc.

No matter how large or complex your project is, it will be accomplished in strict predefined deadlines. Simply contact us today or call at 020 8819 3448 to discuss your needs.

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