External and Internal Doors

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Can you recollect any place or building where doors are not used? It’s hardly possible. While being an essential part of houses and apartments, large buildings and private offices, doors serve as a perfect security and privacy mean that helps us protect our accommodation from outside intrusion. Moreover, external and internal doors may have a considerable impact on the overall look of your house, especially considering the fact that doors are one of the main things visitors notice when they first enter your home.

Are you planning to replace your old doors and install new stylish ones? First and foremost, you need to choose what a door type you want to be used. For many people solid wooden doors are an ideal option. If you are looking for an aesthetic appeal as well as ultimate durability, wooden internal doors and front doors will certainly meet your requirements.

There are plenty of companies in London that offer custom wooden doors, but it’s crucial to find skilful carpenters to make sure the work will be done in time and to your overall satisfaction. Solid Carpentry is a professional and reliable carpentry/joinery contractor operating in the London area that specializes in manufacturing, renovating and installing wooden external and interior doors. Our products have a proven record for the highest standards of craftsmanship and excellent durability while being a wonderful addition to any home or commercial building.

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Simply ask any carpenter and he will tell you that using wood for your doors is a highly recommended option for many reasons. Unlike any other type of door materials (metal, plastic, fiberglass, etc.), our bespoke doors made of natural solid wood endure almost any weather conditions. Besides the ability to keep an authentic look for many years to come, wooden external doors can serve as a perfect hedge against all external noises.

At Solid Carpentry we offer top-notch quality carpentry services for both commercial and residential needs making bespoke wooden doors of various styles and designs. Whether you have a traditionally styled home, a modern apartment or large office space that needs to be filled up with doors, our skilful specialists will offer you premium wooden doors you require.

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