3 reasons to choose fitted alcove bookcases

bespoke fitted alcove bookcases

With bespoke alcove units, you no longer have to let alcoves or recessed spaces go to waste. There are a number of options available to you, but one of our most popular is fitted alcove bookcases and floating shelves. The right shelves can completely change the look and feel of your home or office and can help to create a fresh, tidy space. If you’re considering some home renovations this year, here’s why fitted alcove bookcases could be the perfect solution for you.

custom made alcove bookcases

1. Make the most of your space 

Alcoves vary in depth and size, making it difficult to find ready-made furniture that fits perfectly and complements the style of your home. But with custom-designed bookcases from Solid Carpentry, you can utilise every inch of space, something you don’t always get from store-bought solutions. You can turn your alcoves into the ideal storage solution, no matter the layout of your chosen room. 

2. Alcove bookcases help to declutter your home 

By creating storage solutions that sit flush to the wall and don’t take up any unnecessary space, you create an attractive, space-saving area in which to store your belongings. Next time you decide to do a big clear up, you’ll have a new place to put those books, DVDs, photos or ornaments that have been cluttering up your home. Fitted alcove bookcases, alcove cabinets and shelving units give you plenty of room to display your belongings and free up the rest of the room for relaxing. 

3. Find the perfect finish

You might find a ready-made bookcase that fits your alcoves, but does it have the right look? With bespoke fitted bookcases, you can choose the right materials and finish to match your home. At Solid Carpentry, we use only the finest products and ensure that these are fitted and finished to complement the existing design and decor of your home or office space.

bespoke wooden alcove bookcases

So no matter what shape or size your alcoves, if you’re looking for a custom-designed bookcase, look no further. Our expert team are on hand to create and install beautiful fitted alcove bookshelves that meet your exact specifications. Get in touch now to find out more about fitted furniture and how Solid Carpentry can help you.

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