Fitted Wardrobes

bespoke wardrobe

When it comes to the comfort of your living space, wardrobes are one of those important things that can stand in good stead being used every day. Are you planning to purchase this wonderful furniture piece? What wardrobe types are you going to opt for? If you live in the apartment with a rather small bedroom and need more storage space for your clothing or would like to increase functionality of your space, consider bespoke fitted wardrobes from Solid Carpentry.

There are a number of reasons why people choose fitted wardrobes as an ideal storage solution for their homes. As opposed to a free standing wardrobe, a fitted one refers to a piece of furniture that is custom built in accordance with customer specifications and requirements. Fitted wardrobes are an ideal option when you are trying to allot enough storage for your clothes and save space at the same time. Besides considerable space saving advantages, they offer an attractive look along with the flexible use and excellent functionality.

Solid Carpentry is a professional and reliable company that operates in the London area and specializes in providing quality bespoke storage solutions to help people make the most out of their home space. We are ready to help you design your perfect custom built-in wardrobe and create a traditional or modern look for your room.

bespoke fitted wardrobes

You may rest assured that our built-in wardrobes are ideal to maximize the storage of any room within your home as they are made in accordance with your exact requirements. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced carpentry contractors and designers, who are ready to offer you a comprehensive variety of fitted wardrobe ideas or realize you vision creating a design you’ve been always dreamed about.

There is no matter what a shape or size your room has, Solid Carpentry is here to offer you functional custom wardrobes that will provide you with the look and space you need. If you would like to order our bespoke fitted wardrobes in London, contact us today and see how we can help.

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