Floating Shelves

bespoke book shelves

Shelves are definitely very important and useful furniture pieces that allow to release a lot of room space while creating an additional storage on walls. They are essential items in homes, offices, shops and many other premises and typically available in multiple types. However, floating shelves are becoming one of the most popular trends among them. Unlike traditional shelving systems, floating models don’t have visible brackets or other supports. That’s why they provide an effect of being suspended or floating in mid-air.

Floating shelves can be used virtually anywhere around your home, providing a modern and stylish look to any room. You can mount an ensemble of several floating shelves in your living room to showcase your photos, collectibles, books, travel souvenirs or just about anything. As for bedroom use ideas, they may come perfectly to place various decorative items, also photos or aromatic candles, for example.

No doubt, you children will also like some cute floating shelves in their room to display their toy collections, sports and school awards – actually, anything they are proud of. As for your kitchen, they may provide a very convenient storage space for your spices, culinary books, etc. making them easy to reach. Ideas of use seem to be virtually unlimited!

Floating wall shelves look very stylish and are rather easy to mount. While having no clunky hardware and brackets in their construction, they don’t provide a bulky appearance. From a large variety of floating shelving systems available today, you will surely find a solution meeting your specific needs and interior style. There are plenty of materials that floating shelves are typically made of – from glass to metal, they also can be painted, lacquered or finished, but if you prefer the beauty and elegance of natural wood, you’re welcome to SolidCarpentry.co.uk.

Wooden floating shelves

We’re an established London-based carpentry and joinery company specialising in all possible types of bespoke storage solutions. Our experts are ready to provide you with custom floating shelves made of oak, timber, maple, pine, redwood and many other noble hardwood types. Simply let us know about your ideas contacting us today and we’ll surely make all of them live.

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