Floor Laying

flooring living room

While being an important element of home decor that is not always noticeable at a first glance, a floor covering is crucial when you need to add extra touch to your living space. It is more than just something we walk on: a certain flooring type can make our room looking small or large, light or dark dictating its unique decorating style. Would you like to bring the beauty and warmth to your home or stress its classical traditional elegance? Consider laying a wooden or laminate floor.

Keep in mind that such a renovation project requires much more preparation, attention and efforts than it may seem at first. Of course, if you don’t have even the basic idea of floor laying, it’s better to leave this job to professionals such as Solid Carpentry. We are ready to offer you a wide selection of professional flooring services based on our extensive knowledge and deep experience. As a reliable carpentry and joinery company based in London, we will be glad to assist both residential and commercial projects.

Wooden floor laying is a perfect option for many homeowners looking to add certain value to their properties while saving traditional charm and feel. Moreover, wood is considered to be one of the most popular, practical yet ecologically friendly floor covering solution.

wooden floor laying

Are you interested in quick, yet accurate laminate floor laying? It’s not a problem anymore. While being artificial floor covering (a top quality photographic image of wood), laminate features stylish design along with excellent durability and requires less maintenance that makes it ideal for a crowded home or office.

The cost of wooden/laminate floor laying will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. Whether you want a new domestic flooring in your house or durable full floor covering for your office, feel free to contact us today. We’ll get back to you shortly with our best offer.

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