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While being substantially below the eye level, a floor plays a very important role in our perception of the interior, as it is one of the first things we notice when we enter any room. The properly selected and perfectly installed flooring will place the right accent on your home interior design while expressing your elegant taste. There is an extensive range of modern flooring ideas and technologies available on the market today, like cork, bamboo flooring, tiles, etc., however they can hardly beat traditional hardwood or laminate flooring in terms of elegance, warm style and durability.

As you will probably agree, flooring can be a real challenge for every homeowner. That’s why, if you wish to have beautiful floors and avoid such common flooring issues as an expansion of planks, uneven surface or groan, you should allow the right people to do it for you, who know all ins and outs to fit your floor perfectly. We’re here to provide you with professional flooring services for both residential and commercial premises in London and surrounding areas.

As a full-service carpentry and joinery contractor, we offer all aspects of laminate and hardwood flooring services: lay new flooring, replace old one, rehabilitate damaged floor and provide stripping and sanding services as well. Every one of our projects is accomplished with primary attention to details – we make a pre-installation survey, check sub floor moisture and its level to ensure ultimate quality of the final result.

quality flooring services

For both hardwood and laminate flooring projects, we use only top-notch quality materials and latest technologies to ensure your floor will serve you perfectly for many years, retaining its original beauty.

Feel free to contact our experts today or call 020 8819 3448 to discuss your specific case. Whether you are looking for the best laminate or hardwood flooring services in London, consider SolidCarpentry.

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