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Are you currently in the middle of your home upgrading process? Are you looking for new door fitting services? While changing your home interior don’t forget about its exterior look and, particularly, about entry way improvements. First of all, this concerns your house front door and when thinking about an ideal solution, you should take into consideration many various factors from its appearance to reliability, as your front door is responsible for first impressions and overall security. Indeed, being the first and the last thing your guests will see, your front door serves as an indicator of your style and character.

For quite a long time steel, uPVC, composite, fiberglass and some other modern materials have been popular choices for front doors, but nowadays more and more homeowners start using wood again for its unique charm and splendid look.

Do you browse the Internet or inspecting local printed sources trying to find the best carpentry contractor manufacturing and installing high-quality, yet affordably priced wooden front doors in London? Stop your search here and welcome to Solid Carpentry! We have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of carpentry and joinery jobs.

As a full-service carpentry and joinery contractor, Solid Carpentry works with both residential and commercial clients offering manufacturing and installation of office and house front doors. All our products are made of the best hardwood types and feature a highly durable construction.

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However, one of the most important advantages of working with Solid Carpentry is the opportunity to order your front door of individual style and design. Rest assured, our specialists will decorate your door ensuring it ideally suits your home – you can opt for a varnished finish, stained finish or choose a painted finish. Any of our wooden front doors are also easily fitted with spy holes, chains, slide bolts, letter box covers and any other things that can be ever found on a front door.

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