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If you’re thinking about a new hardwood front door, you need to keep in mind that it is the first thing your guests and visitors will see when entering your home. They can perfectly meet several tasks – welcoming your guests, creating a solid and positive image of your apartments and portraying you as a respectable and stylish person. Therefore, you should pay considerable attention when choosing the design and, first of all, material of your front door.

When it comes to making a sound statement while delivering natural elegance, nothing works better than real hardwood. Oak, mahogany, cherry wood, teak – there are many types of hardwood that may vary in appearance and colour, but the most important feature that all of them have in common is their sophisticated beauty that no other modern materials like PVC, fiberglass, steel, composite, etc. can provide you with.

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Are you looking for professional and reliable London carpentry contractors that specialize in manufacturing and designing high-quality and unique hardwood front doors to choose an item that will perfectly suit your entire home design and speak about your specific taste? You’ve come to the right place! Solid Carpentry is ready to provide you with one of the best bespoke hardwood doors in London that won’t cost you a fortune.

Our highly qualified carpenters have a solid experience of working with different types of wood – they’ve mastered all techniques and tricks of making this material highly durable and resistant to almost any weather conditions. For every one of our hardwood front doors we use exclusively noble, top-notch quality materials that are further treated and finished using the most advanced techniques.

Check out our portfolio gallery to see some door installation examples.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your ideas, get a professional advice and order our services.

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