Laminate Flooring

hallway laminate flooring

In comparison with many other flooring options, laminate floors are rather stylish and durable solutions that don’t require considerable investments and can be laid rather fast. In fact, millions of square feet of laminate floors are applied every year throughout the country, in both residential and commercial buildings.

You can be absolutely confident that laminate floors will add a new modern look and refined style to your home decor, while creating a cozy atmosphere in your rooms. Besides, laminate floors are very easy to take care and clean – there is an extensive variety of inexpensive specific cleaners that you can find in almost every furniture store and shopping mall.

Whether you’ve decided to opt for some specific laminate floors, you will typically have at least two options to choose from – white or black. As their name suggests, white laminate flooring is of a very light gleaming colour that can be from pure white to pale and ash shades. Such an effect is achieved due to wood bleaching and gives your floor a refreshing look. White laminate floors are an obvious choice for small premises as they provide an illusion of a wider space.

On the other hand, black laminate flooring is made of dark brown material types like walnut and cherry. It is much easier to maintain in comparison to its white alternative since it requires no additional oiling for many years after the installation. Due to the dark colour, this floor hides various stains, scratches or burns and, therefore, comes perfectly for kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms with fireplaces, where such problems are easy to occur. Black laminate flooring is also an excellent choice for various roomy premises: dark shadows make rooms visually smaller and ensure more intimate, inviting atmosphere.

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