Three Ways to Update your Living Room

Custom made living room shelving

If your living room has been the same for a while it may be that you are hoping to give it a new look as this tends to be the room that we spend the most time in.

These three ways to update your living room give a variety of options for you to choose from, or why not just go ahead and do all three for the ultimate makeover?

Choose a new colour 

Have those walls been the same colour for years? Maybe it’s time to add a new colour and brighten the room up a bit. You don’t necessarily need to go for a crazy, vibrant colour if you don’t want to as even a fresh coat of paint can often make all the difference, but if you fancy something a bit more out there this will definitely make it look like a new clutter free room!

Invest in a media storage unit 

TVs, entertainment boxes, games consoles and DVDs to contend with the modern living room storage can often be filled up very quickly with technology that has the potential to make the space look a little unorganised.

media storage unit is a great solution for this as it can contain all of your entertainment items neatly and in a way that allows you to use and see everything with ease. Plus you can get a built in option so you don’t need to worry about finding one that will fit perfectly into the space that you have available.

Add some decorative items

You don’t need to redecorate in order to update your living room, simply adding a few decorative items can give the space a new look and feel.

Buy some new cushions for the sofa, invest in a lovely floor lamp, or hang a large mirror to make the most out of the natural light that enters the room.

Living room storage shelves

We hope that these three ways to update your living room furniture have inspired you to make some changes to your living space, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d love to add a media storage unit , floating shelves or other storage solutions to your plans.

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