4 reasons to choose modern alcove cupboards

custom modern alcove cupboards

Whether you’ve got a period house or a new-build, you might find yourself faced with alcoves either side of a chimney breast, or unusual nooks that appear to be wasted space. The good news is, thanks to bespoke fitted furniture you can make the most of every inch of space in your home or office, turning these into practical and stylish storage solutions.

One of the best ways to do this is with modern alcove cupboards. Even if you live in a period home, this modern addition can be a real game-changer. So if you want to get more from your space or you’re looking to declutter and get your belongings stored safely and neatly away, here are just four reasons why you should choose modern alcove cupboards as your next home renovation project.

painted modern alcove cupboards

1. They can fit even the most awkward alcoves

By making the most of overlooked corners and alcove spaces, you not only free up more room in the rest of your living spaces, but you also find yourself with more storage – a precious commodity in today’s homes and offices. So don’t let awkward spaces defeat you! By choosing bespoke fitted furniture, even the most awkward alcove can become a stylish and practical cupboard.

2. For modern storage solutions

Buying ready-made furniture from a shop is always an option, but often these don’t fit perfectly to your space. Not to mention they can be very boring and limited in design. With modern alcove cupboards, you have a huge range of options available to you.

Why not turn your alcove into a modern media unit with the addition of cupboards for storing your CDs, DVDs, games, consoles and so much more! You could also opt for beautiful floating shelves below your cupboards, where you can display your photos, book collections or accessories. With so many options, you can create a tailored storage solution to suit your needs.

3. You can choose a style that matches your space

Bespoke modern alcove cupboards can be created in the material, colour and finish of your choosing, so you can create cupboards that match your existing decor. Shop-bought furniture can leave you limited on choice or compromising on your style – but not with custom-built cupboards designed and created especially for your home or office space.

4. You can add clever design features

Last but certainly not least, your alcove cupboards can be designed with all kinds of additional features to suit your requirements. For example, cable-management tricks, open shelves for DVDs or gaming consoles and even integrated lights. These can look particularly great if you’re using your cupboards as part of a media unit or to display your belongings.

So there you have it! Just four reasons why you should choose modern alcove cupboards. To find out more about our bespoke fitted furniture solutions, get in touch with the team today or check out our full range of services.

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